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In the growing market of business and technology, demands from clients and pressure of providing faster and seamless services are increasing every day. The business cases and workflows have become too complex. Therefore, using different applications for a single task has become impossible for these kinds of workflows. Moreover, you cannot afford to switch between windows and applications while performing a task under a strict deadline. Here comes the SugarCRM integration with various third-party business applications like MailChimp Web APIs, QuickBooks and other application that you use to accomplish your daily tasks. Sugar CRM has an open architecture that integrates any business software into it.



If you want to get a seamless functionality in your Client management system, need to integrate your sales, marketing & other business development applications with Sugar Open source platform. It helps to improve business scalability and sales conversion rate.

  • Users of the integrated platforms can experience a boost in their productivity as they do not have to waste time by switching to different applications for similar tasks or steps involved in a series of task.
  • Many advanced features are there in Sugar which you can use along with the applications like sending your documents for verification and e-signature to the teams or making calls from CRM etc.
  • You can use sugar database to store the analytical data insights for reference which will help you take better business decisions.
  • You can use multiple channels which are in sync on a single platform and make business decisions using facts, stats and accurate information. It reduces the chances of human error which is in the case of switching applications.

Integrate SugarCRM with almost anything


SugarCRM can be integrated with applications that are used in accounting, payment gateways, calling systems, marketing automation platforms, e-signature applications, Google Apps, CMS applications, and many more. Here are the applications and platforms which can be integrated with Sugar –


By integrating the accounting applications like Zero, it creates a platform where accounting data is in sync and bidirectional always. The updated data, synced and integrated applications provide an end to end solution for all your accounting needs. The software that can be integrated with following..

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage

The main goal of any business is to make and receive payments. Therefore, a seamless and easy way should be there to pay. Collecting or making payment through multiple channels may increase the chance or payment misses, legal obligations and deduction of taxes more. With..

  • Paypal
  • Authorize.net
  • Stripe

The productivity of your team increases when they can make a client call directly from the application. Sales and recruitment or staffing teams can extensively use this integration to boost their performance. SugarCRM offers integration with many other popular applications.

  • Twilio Integration
  • Skype Integration
  • All Source Integration

CRMs are their self-excellent for sales and marketing and extensively used for customer relationship management. Now, marketing automation is being used for appropriate, channels and personalized marketing solutions to the team and the customers. Sugar offer integration with the following applications.

  • Integration With Mailchimp
  • Integration With Act-On


Social Media has become a powerful tool to increase your online presence and marketing. Content management and social marketing are the two aspects that garner huge benefits from social CRM. You get new leads. Thus, it can be seen these are the common features of  Sugar social media . With these features, social CRM helps your social media management to a great extent. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can be integrated with Sugar. E signature authentication apps like DocuSign are ready to get a Integration.

  • You need less training on the platform as you already know what is in it
  • Custom customer relationship management platforms are more secure as you can apply any high-end security mechanisms you want


All the apps by Google provide great usability when it comes to managing your tasks. Google Apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Maps and other Google Apps can be integrated with Sugar platforms. We provide seamless & secure application integration solutions syncing CRM software with Google Apps.

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Other than the above CMS platforms like WordPress or Joomla, Email clients, E-Commerce Platforms like Opencart, Virtuemart, Woocommerce or Magento, email clients like RIVA, MS Outlook, data analytics platforms like Informatica or Google Charts are important applications that can be integrated with SugarCRM.

If you are a startup or a large enterprise, you can use business and google apps SugarCRM integration services to amplify your team’s performance and grow your profitability like never before.

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