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PHP Application Development - Discover The Top Services - 2023

With our PHP development Services, we are committed to help your business get better value, and drive better outcomes for maximum growth.

Taction is a leading PHP development company, and we offer advanced and custom PHP development services to the enterprises. PHP is a high-end open source technology that can be used for building feature-rich and visually appealing web applications for businesses.

PHP is a server-side scripting language, and it is capable of rendering dynamic pages in real time. It is a widely chosen programming language for faster, reliable, secure, scalable and flexible web-based solutions for businesses.




Over the years, Taction Software has gained and delivered extensive scalable PHP based web solutions across the Globe. Our skilled and experienced PHP developers are equipped to provide Customized Solutions for enterprise application development. We build a scalable integrated technology platform for customers which help them to run their business smoothly. Our PHP Development service process is cost-effective and deliver higher effectiveness, which make us a leading PHP development Company.

With in-depth industry knowledge, we have played the role of “offshore technology partner” to design, develop and implement business automation strategies. We are committed to delivering solutions with the highest possible quality and the lowest and reasonable cost and time. We offer the best PHP Development Service, including Zend Framework Development Services, to help you in your ventures and equipped for managing the most complex of projects.

The entirety of our PHP arrangements are verified to guarantee an error-free direction. Our PHP development company follows lithe work processes to convey the best final result.

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Our PHP experts have been offering PHP Application Development, PHP Product Development and Cloud-Based Services creating customizable solutions which we design specifically for industry and service-specific requirements.



Our expertise in CMS Development services enables you to build more efficient, flexible, result-driven and secured solutions to manage evolving channels and interaction points across different channels, i.e., web, social or mobile.



We are one of the most chosen CRM company for the businesses. Taction designs and develops CRM solutions for the enterprises using SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and other trusted CRM platforms.



We offer technology migration services from old legacy systems to new solutions and platforms, right from the analysis of the old technology and application capabilities and gaps. Our migration services are designed for Application Re-engineering, Application Migration, Web Enablement, and Application Up-gradation.



Our web services integration services offer quality and knowledge to integrate APIs in PHP. The range of services that we provide under our Web API Integration & Development program includes developing web applications by using Representational State Transfer (REST) and Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC).



We offer the highest level of usability, scalability and browsers and platforms compatibility in custom PHP web development. We work on all popular platforms including PHP and HTML5. Each of our modules is designed to fit into a framework that is high on usability, performance, and security while using best programming practices, coding guidelines, and standards.



Our custom plugin development or plugin customization services can help you to meet your customized needs. Our plugin developers are proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and MySQL and fully equipped to assist you with Plugin & Component development solutions for your websites and software applications.



We design scalable and stable E-Commerce applications that can easily integrate different payment systems, complex product line management, shipment management, and e-shop customer management. We can develop a custom e-commerce store or use open source e-commerce platform Magento and customize according to your requirements.



Our workflow automation solutions utilize custom developed and open source technology based workflow automation tools to eliminate “lag time” by intelligently routing and tracking information based on pre-defined business rules or organizational policies.

                                                              Why Choose PHP for Web Development?


The programming language is developer friendly because of its innumerable framework and MVC paradigm for rapid and effective coding with less time and resources.

                                                       Developer Friendly Language

The programming language is developer friendly because of its innumerable framework and MVC paradigm for rapid and effective coding with less time and resources.


PHP-enabled code reusability, which will help you save time and effort during development.

                                                                                        PHP Development Solutions


                                                               Procurement Management Systems 

We have successfully developed several e-proc solutions comprising sales management, report generation, tracking, and execution.

                                                                                        E-commerce Solutions

Our PHP team can cover every portal, from making a website to an e-commerce shopping cart.

                                                                                   E-learning Solutions 

The team works on making the EdTech solution from scratch, including the e-learning solution, school, and higher learning software solution.

                                                                                                         HRM Solutions

The SCAND web app development team can create several HR platforms and career portals for clients.

                                                                        Benefits Of Our PHP Development Services



The PHP website we created can provide easy access to users on their mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops, ensuring a smooth user working process.


The website we developed is scalable and adjusts the app requirement according to the business needs.


All the necessary optimization is being performed on the website and app to help it fast-load for a better user experience.

                                                                                       SEO – Friendly 

We develop the PHP services as per the SEO guidance and optimize the website to enhance the search result pages and show visible results.


What are PHP Development Services?

PHP development services refer to expert web development firms that provide web application creation, customization, and maintenance services. In order to create dynamic and interactive websites, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and web applications, PHP, a server-side scripting language, is frequently utilized.

These services typically include:

  1. Web Application Development
  2. Content Management System (CMS) Development
  3. E-commerce Development
  4. Website Maintenance and Support
  5. PHP Framework Development

How To Select the Best PHP Development Company?

Choosing the right PHP development company is crucial for the success of your project.

  1. Look for experienced and expert companies.
  2. Review their portfolio to see the quality of their previous work and if they have
  3. worked on projects matching your requirements.
  4. Ensure the company maintains clear and open communication throughout the development process.
  5. Inquire about their development approach and methodologies to ensure they align with your project needs.

How Much Time will it Take to Complete my PHP Project?

The time required to complete a PHP project depends on its complexity, size, and specific features. Simple projects may take a few weeks, while more complex ones can take several months. Discussing project timelines with the development company and setting clear milestones to track progress effectively is essential.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a PHP App?

The cost of building a PHP app varies widely based on factors such as project complexity, functionality, design, and the hourly rates of the development company. best to obtain detailed project quotes from multiple companies and compare them to find the most suitable option within your budget.

Can I Get My Source Code?

Yes, as a client, you have the right to obtain the source code of your PHP application from the development company. Ensure this is clearly stated in the contract or agreement before starting the project to avoid future complications.

Who is Providing PHP Web Development Services?

If you are seeking PHP web development services, numerous PHP application development companies offer expertise in creating dynamic and robust web solutions.
These companies specialize in leveraging PHP, a server-side scripting language, to
build scalable and efficient websites tailored to your specific needs.

Will You Change the Appearance of My Website in the Future?

PHP development companies offer ongoing support and maintenance, including website design updates for functionality enhancement, user experience improvement,
and feature addition to keep it current and effective.

Can You Help to Redesign my Website to the Latest PHP Version?

PHP development companies can help you upgrade your website to the latest PHP version for better security, performance, and features. They can assist in seamless
migration and optimization for improved functionality and safety.

Can We Develop App Using PHP?

Yes, PHP is not limited to web development; it can also be used for developing applications. PHP application development companies often provide services for
developing custom applications, including web applications, content management
systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, and more, using PHP as the underlying

What are Features of PHP?

PHP boasts a range of features, including ease of integration, cross-platform compatibility, extensive community support, and a vast library of pre-built functions. It supports various databases, offers excellent performance, and is an open-source
language, making it cost-effective for businesses. PHP is particularly well-suited for web development, enabling the creation of dynamic and interactive websites. PHP
application development company harness these features to deliver high-quality and
scalable solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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