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Custom CRM Software Development

A full-featured and customized CRM Software Development Service helps to cover various customer touchpoints and offers customized functionalities that match your business requirements. At Taction Software, we design, develop and help you to implement a complete CRM platform that is tailored just for you.

Having extensive expertise in software development and specialization in customer relationship management application development, we follow the industry best practices for SuiteCRM development through our finest technology experts.

Get a professional, industry-ready, and cost-effective advanced custom CRM  software developed for your business today!

Why should you opt for a Custom CRM development for your business?

If you are using a generic customer management platform, you may not be able to find your industry-specific solution and support from the platform. For increasing ROI and improved customer experience, you need to have a complete and advanced system that suits your unique business requirements.

Tailor-made customer relationship management software allows you to draw comprehensive business insights, analyze your market, customize your marketing and sales campaigns, automate your marketing workflow and use advanced reporting features for forecasting and analytics. Thus, you can make your business strategies work for your profitability, get attuned to your customers and end users in a better way.

Benefits of Adopting Custom CRM Development Services

  • Your business can stand apart from the crowd with your unique solutions
  • A customized client management solution allows you to pay for what you need and use
  • It offers flexibility to upgrade or change anytime your business needs
  • You can scale your system with the growing business requirements
  • You need less training on the platform as you already know what is in it
  • Custom customer relationship management platforms are more secure as you can apply any high-end security mechanisms you want

Custom CRM Software Solutions

We at Taction, create high-end custom CRM solutions that are crafted according to your business specifications. It not only helps you in lead generation, but it also improves customer satisfaction through advanced technology implementations.

We develop enterprise-ready and highly scalable CRM Applications that help businesses to meet the emerging CRM challenges and opportunities in the cloud, mobility innovation, and social revolution. Our custom CRM solutions help to transform organizational objectives into scalable enterprise applications.

We Offer our Custom CRM Development Services Include –

Application Development

CRM application development involves creating customized software to efficiently manage customer interactions, sales, and other business processes.


Our consultancy services provide expert guidance in designing a CRM system tailored to your business needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.


CRM integration involves connecting the CRM system with other tools or platforms, enhancing data flow, reducing redundancy, and improving overall workflow.


CRM implementation is the process of deploying and configuring the CRM system within your organization, making it ready for use by your teams.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring existing customer data from your current systems to the new CRM, ensuring a seamless transition.

Training and Support

We provide training to ensure your staff can use the new CRM system effectively. Ongoing support ensures smooth operation and quick issue resolution.

We Develop Custom CRM Applications Across Industries like –

  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Fintech Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment and more

Why Taction Software?

Taction is a team of highly skilled professionals and specializes in the customized strategic use of development tactics for enterprises located globally. Our CRM Software Development Team can handle anything from a basic solution to a complex application to deliver perfect working, structured coding, bug-free execution. We provide complete support till end-user platform adoption.

If your automation need is limited and processes are customized, Taction can assist you in deciding the development framework keeping usability, performance, security, and auditing in mind. You will be assisted by a highly experienced group of CRM end-user-domain experts that will make sure of creating innovative web applications to meet all your client management related expectations. We invest a considerable amount of time in identifying specifics of the business processes before deciding technical and operational approaches.


What is CRM Development Services?

Customer Relationship Management Custom CRM Development Services involve creating, customizing, and implementing software solutions that enable businesses to effectively manage their interactions with customers and enhance overall customer satisfaction. CRM systems consolidate customer information, communication history, and sales data into a centralized platform, facilitating streamlined communication and decision-making.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom CRM?

The cost of building a custom CRM can vary significantly based on multiple factors. These include the complexity of features, the size of your business, the number of
users, and the development approach (in-house or outsourcing). Generally, custom CRM development services costs can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, also depending on your specific requirements.

What is The Main Purpose of CRM?

The main purpose of CRM, is to help businesses manage and enhance their relationships with customers. It centralizes customer data, tracks interactions, and provides insights to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. CRM systems streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes, fostering better communication and a deeper understanding of customer needs.

How Can CRM Improve Customer Service?

CRM can significantly enhance customer service in various ways:

  1. Access to comprehensive customer information helps agents provide personalized and relevant support.
  2. CRM streamlines support ticket handling, reducing response times and improving issue resolution.
  3. Automated processes like chatbots and email responses ensure quicker and more consistent support.
  4. CRM facilitates better internal collaboration, enabling teams to solve customer problems efficiently.

Features of a Custom CRM You Can Get

A custom CRM can offer tailored features to suit your business needs. Some common features include:

  1. Customized data fields and workflows.
  2. Integration with existing tools and systems.
  3. Personalized reporting and analytics.
  4. Role-based access control for data security.
  5. Automated tasks and email reminders.

How Can I Create a CRM for My Small Business?

Creating a CRM for your small business involves several steps:

  1. Define your objectives: Identify the specific goals and functionalities you want your CRM to have.
  2. choose a CRM platform: Decide whether to use existing CRM software or build a custom solution.
  3. Design the CRM: Map out the system architecture, data fields, and user interfaces.
  4. Development: If building custom, hire developers or a team to create the CRM.
  5. Testing: Thoroughly test the CRM to ensure it functions correctly and meets your requirements.

Why Do I Need Custom CRM?

Off-the-shelf CRM solutions might not align perfectly with your business processes. A custom CRM allows you to tailor features, integrations, and workflows to your needs. It enhances productivity, facilitates better customer interactions, provides insights through analytics, and grows with your business.

What are The Three Types of CRM?

  • Operational CRM: Focuses on streamlining and optimizing front-end customer- facing processes, such as sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service. It aims to enhance customer interactions and increase efficiency.
  • Analytical CRM: Involves analyzing customer data to gain insights into their preferences, behaviors, and trends. This information helps businesses make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies.
  • Collaborative CRM: This aims to improve communication and collaboration among various departments within a company, ultimately leading to better customer service and more coordinated customer interactions.

What are The Main Benefits of CRM?

The benefits of CRM include:

● Improved Customer Satisfaction
● Enhanced Customer Retention and Loyalty
● Streamlined Sales and Marketing Processes
● Personalized Customer Interactions
● Better Decision-making through Data Insights
● Increased Efficiency and Productivity
● Stronger Cross-functional Collaboration



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