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Salesforce Integration with other complex application


We support organizations by integrating Salesforce CRM with the other complex Applications seamlessly! We connect Salesforce CRM to the Marketing automation tools, ERP systems, accounting systems, social media platforms, e-commerce platforms, and virtually any on-premise or third-party software.

By Integrating Salesforce CRM with the complex application we built a platform to manage end to end business operations of front office to the back office, connected eco system provide a complete 360 degree view of the business process to the user by keeping access permission in consideration.

Salesforce Integration Services

  • ERP Integration
  • Accounting System integration
  • Marketing automation tool integration
  • E-mail integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Cloud Phone System integration to the Salesforce
  • Web to Lead Integration

Our Global Clients

What people say..

“Taction stood out as unique. Even though they were confident in their skills, they weren’t brash or forceful in terms of communication, which translated into huge benefits when it came to interacting with the technology groups of other clients.”


– Jeremy Gonzales

“Taction Software is very good at setting timeframes for different tasks and remaining accurate to them. I shoot requests quite regularly and they have handled them professionally.”


– Matt Konig

“Taction Software’s flexibility has been unparalleled. We received great value from what we spent on the website.”


-Matt collins

Listed in ‘TOP IT SERVICES FIRMS’ by Clutch

Clutch Verified Client Reviews

“There aren’t many offshore firms with which I’ve had such a seamless experience.”

Clutch Verified Client

- Matt Konig, Chief Operating Officer

“I always felt that they cared about the business more than they cared about their own pocketbooks.”

Clutch Verified Client

-Project Manager, Consulting Firm

“I never felt that I was being rushed along.”

Clutch Verified Client

- CEO, Nonprofit

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