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Sales Process Automation Using On Demand SugarCRM Pro


A young boutique style photography studio offering services including wedding photography, portrait photography, specialist new-born photography and wedding cinematography in Donegal, Tyrone, Ireland, etc.


The client decided to automate their sales processes using on-demand SugarCRM 7 Pro edition. The Client was having difficulties in sales and workflow automation effectively with the options possible through the SugarCRM studio.


We configured and customized SugarCRM 7 Pro and developed a custom panel to automate their sales processes meaningfully as per their process expectations. We also built the number of workflows to automate various notifications and data creation processes.


SugarCRM 7 Pro (On Demand)

SugarCRM is an open source customer relationship management software used by many large and small enterprises like Audi, IBM, Sennheiser. SugarCRM pro is professional and paid version of SugarCRM with advance sales, lead, and contact features.

The effective configuration, optimal customization, and workflow creation helped the client in managing their sales processes better generating higher sales.

About Taction:

Taction Software is a certified SugarCRM partner offering customization, integration, migration and custom plugin development solutions for all enterprises. We have a team of 10+ years experience developers completed 150+ global development projects.



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