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How To Boost Your Small Business During The COVID-19 Recovery


How To Boost Your Small Business During The COVID-19 Recovery

You have managed to keep your business afloat throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – but as we head into the recovery period, you want to know what you can do to grow your company. As the economic conditions improve, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive. From investing in custom software development with Taction to redesigning your retail space with safety in mind, here are a few ways you can profitably upgrade your business during the recovery.

Upgrade Your Payroll System:

Perhaps you’ve gone through staff changes during the pandemic, and now, your old payroll system simply isn’t a good fit for your company’s needs anymore. This could be the perfect time to upgrade to new payroll software. For instance, you could choose a comprehensive software platform that integrates with your payroll service tools to stay organized. You can find software like this that includes automatic payroll scheduling, automatic calculating and tax filing, and a same-day direct deposit option. Ideally, you’ll be able to choose software that also allows you to manage employee benefits.

Spruce Up Your Website:


Perhaps you quickly added an e-commerce page to your website when lockdowns began in hopes that it would encourage your customers to continue shopping from your company while they were at home. If you plan to continue with e-commerce operations, Eventige recommends adding high-quality photos and videos, simplifying the checkout process, and ensuring that your search function is accurate. You may want to hire a website developer and designer to optimize your website rather than trying to do it yourself.

Change Your Brick-And-Mortar Space:

In order to keep your customers and employees safe as you allow people back to your physical retail or office space, you’ll want to encourage social distancing and good hygiene. Cleveland Clinic recommends creating one-way traffic flows through hallways and aisles and using markers to indicate appropriate distance. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, you could consider hiring an interior design consultant to make sure that these changes are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile App Development:


Chances are some of your customers will want to keep shopping online even after the pandemic. Give them the option to shop from anywhere by launching a mobile app! If you do not have any previous experience with mobile app development, you should outsource this job to a contractor. Otherwise, you’ll likely spend a lot of time working out bugs, and you might overlook incorporating important functions. For instance, by working with a software development company like Taction, you can be certain that the final mobile app product will perform well upon its initial launch – this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Digital Marketing Tools:


Updating your digital marketing strategy with the right tools and creative new tactics can help you reach new customers in the coming months. You can gain consumer insights with customer relationship management software, increase your posting frequency on social media, and reach your customers’ inboxes through email marketing. You could think about bringing a social media manager on board to expand your strategy, but by using automation tools for scheduling and posting content, you can handle these tasks efficiently on your own.

After trying to keep your business going throughout the pandemic, you might be worried about the future. But with the right outlook, you can find plenty of ways to grow your business during the recovery. By implementing these ideas, you’ll set your business up for future success!

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