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Salesforce Integration Services

As a leading Salesforce Integration Service provider, Taction Software thoroughly understands the power of your data. Salesforce, if integrated right, can help you get serious ROI in the form of sales, efficiency as well as automation. Rather than manually filling the transaction gaps, your organization needs high interoperability. Our Salesforce Integration services are state of the art, user-friendly and encompass an intuitive design. Our experts can incorporate solutions and bring automation across all applications such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle etc. Thus, better management of data and an organization’s business processes can be attained.

Our teams of dedicated engineers allow us to deliver Salesforce Integrations of different complexity. With us, you can be a key player. You will be able to leverage the maximum of your data, draw new insights to your organization and use a variety of custom Salesforce apps, respectively. Hence, all of your in-house resources can be connected for the betterment of the organization. Proactively manage your customer data, take quicker business decisions and enjoy increased functionality of apps and UIs. Whether it’s an internal application or a customer-facing one, we integrate them seamlessly to provide a synchronized and collaborative environment to our clients.

Taction Software helps you eliminate tedious tasks. We can help your sales teams bring more prospects and hence, close more sales. While improving processes, we can also accelerate Salesforce adoption for your team. Integration custom application data and cloud can be a game-changer, Salesforce Integration enables:

  • Integration with complex custom solutions
  • Integration of different CRM solutions across different verticals
  • Extend your third-party & CRM software functionality
  • Implement new SaaS technologies
  • Live data synchronization between different platforms/apps
  • Enabling on-premise systems with cloud-based Salesforce
  • Integration of systems deployed by different vendors

Why Salesforce Integration?


It’s all about access to different multitudes of data. When you integrate all the deployed applications into Salesforce, you can provide your team with a whole new dimension of data. Not only your employees won’t have to go back and forth between different systems for data access, but Salesforce Integration will also keep information organized, automatically. Custom Salesforce when integrated amidst your organization can further enable, email integration, marketing automation, social media integration and collaboration system integration.

Our Integration Process

A dedicated Salesforce Integration process requires a deep understanding of your business goals. Right from understanding your organization, creating a plan to implement the final solutions, our experts will train you and your team to start benefiting from Salesforce Integration immediately. Taction Software has been offering out of the box Salesforce Integration services to clients from different verticals of the industry.

Salesforce Data Integration

We can integrate multiple frameworks and produce resultant setup which will contain genuine information. Our specialists make use of master data management techniques, thus, incorporate safe & secured data integration. With us, your data is safe.

Process Integration

It can be said that process integration is an art. It requires deep planning, testing & exception handling. Different application calls while integration them can get messy. But don’t worry if you have our help.

Internal Application Integration

Integration with on-premise applications such as ERP, Databases, Order Management, Inventory, Accounting, Data Warehouse, Website, Legacy Systems etc. are catered by us at a full-fledged scale. Salesforce security integration can also be facilitated when it comes to cross-application sign-in. Dedicated identity and security integration support are delivered by our experts.

Integration with Cloud & Synchronization

Taction Software thoroughly covers popular cloud-based frameworks such as Google AppEngine, Amazon AWS etc, thus deliver a wide range of cloud services integration for Salesforce. You can also leverage real-time & scheduled Salesforce to Salesforce synchronization support. Salesforce API integration can also be availed.

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“Taction stood out as unique. Even though they were confident in their skills, they weren’t brash or forceful in terms of communication, which translated into huge benefits when it came to interacting with the technology groups of other clients.”


– Jeremy Gonzales

“Taction Software is very good at setting timeframes for different tasks and remaining accurate to them. I shoot requests quite regularly and they have handled them professionally.”


– Matt Konig

“Taction Software’s flexibility has been unparalleled. We received great value from what we spent on the website.”


-Matt collins

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“There aren’t many offshore firms with which I’ve had such a seamless experience.”

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