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Music Guessing Game Application


Client based out of Canada, objective of development of a highly interactive and engaging iOS Application with state of the art User Experience to come up with a Game Application for US and Canada Markets.


Designing of UI/UX, Realtime Buffering of Music tracks form backend to Application to give engaging and seamless experience to application Users. A Trial room feature where on a selected face, user could try difference accessories like Sunglasses, Different hairstyles, eyes of different colors etc as awards for guessing games and share the same with his/her friends.


With iOS application developed in Swift, implementation of backend in ZEND Framework 2 and highly optimized and normalized Database and development of RESTFUL APIs, we developed a super successful solution for the Client currently on the APPSTORE proudly claiming thousands of Downloads with No Issues or Bugs reported so far.


Swift, ZEND Framework 2



Application Live on Appstore, a Super Successful Game application in US and Canada Appstore(s).

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