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Customized HL7 Channels for Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE)


Client is Midwest based Healthcare Service Company providing behavioral health services such as mental health, chemical dependency/ substance abuse, and social services to larger and smaller organization and human services.


Client was looking for automating the data exchange processes and integration with various Billing Platforms and their proprietary lab results system for specific behavioral results.


Taction designed and developed number of customized HL7 secured channels using Mirth Connect to automate the Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) processes.

Technical Solution Overview:

• Labs compose and send transaction messages (DFT 03) in HL7 format to HL7 server.
• These messages are received or fetched by HL7 server remotely.
• HL7 server validates these messages for patient name, address, DOB, referring doctor, plan id etc. and performs corresponding crosswalk on each transaction of corresponding messages as per the CMS and Non-CMS code rules through incorporated logic to obtain transformed DFT and ADT messages.


HL7, Mirth Connect


With the implementation of Mirth Connect based customized HL7 interfaces, the tedious manual works of message submission, coding, validation, tracking etc. got faster, more accurate and secured. A basic level of regular maintenance efforts was enough in managing the HL7 interfaces effectively.

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